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  1. 15.7 km, 24 mins
    Eimanabad Rd
Driving directions to Shawala Teja Singh Temple
Sialkot District
1. Head north
110 m
2. Take the 1st left
toward Eimanabad Rd
1.8 km
3. Turn right onto Eimanabad Rd
Pass by G.B.P.S Hapu Garha
(on the left in 6.8 km)
12.8 km
4. Turn left onto Bridge Eik
98 m
5. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit
onto Circular Rd
Pass by Agha Health Center
(on the right in 400 m)
550 m
6. Turn left
140 m
7. Take the 2nd right
Destination will be on the left
140 m
Shawala Teja Singh Temple
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