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Art # XG 62
Head Guard-XG 62
Art # XG 62
Head guard made of cow hide leather inside rubber hi-density foam filling for extra protection of face and chicks with Velcro closing.
Head Guard-XG 64
Head Guard-XG 63
Head Guard-XG 65
Art # XG 63
HEAD GUARD made of Cowhide Leather with Polycarbonate face. Inside hi-density foam & cotton filling. Extra protection for backside of the head. With Velcro closing.
Colors available:
Any color & any size.
Art # XG 65
HEAD GUARD made of Artificial Leather with guard with Velcro closing on the back.
Colors available:
Any color & any size
Art # XG 64
HEAD GUARD Red Cowhide leather inside hi Density Rubber with quality cotton filling back Velcro closing, special extra protection for ear check and chin with adjustable laces
Art # XG 63
Art # XG 64
Art # XG 65