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XpertsGear is about to launch its office in UAE in a few months time. We are committed to serve you the quality products at your door steps.
We are Going to announce special Packages of Different boxing and Martial arts equipment according to the needs of Small Businesses such as Clubs, Gyms and Retail Stores.
We know what you are looking for and we are ready to offer you a great range of the best goods: High quality MMA Grappling Gloves, Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves, Bag Mitts, Chest Guard, Floppy Mitts, Focus Pad, Groin Guard, Abdominal Guard, Head Guard, Kick Pad, Punching Bag, Semi Contact Shoes, Shin Instep, Speed Ball, Belts, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Kungfu, Ninja, Taekwondo Uniforms, Fleece Hoodies, Tees, Polo Shirts, Boxing Shorts & Trouser, Caps, Bags, Safety Equipments. etc..
XpertsGear is a dynamic Pakistan based private company that manufactures and exports only the best quality of MMA(Mixed Martial Arts), Martial Arts Equipments, Boxing Equipments, Safety Equipments and Sportswear to the world market at competitive price. We are devoted and committed to providing superior service.
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XG Leopard Boxing Gloves 300
XG Thunder Storm Boxing Glove 301
XG Hoodies 303
XG Scorpion Boxing Glove 302
XG Tees 304
Karate Training Mitts 305
Muay Thai Shorts 306
Soccer Kit 307
XG Cap 308
XG Beanie Hat 309
XG Art # 300
XG Art # 301
XG Art # 302
XG Art # 303
XG Art # 304
XG Art # 305
XG Art # 306
XG Art # 307
XG Art # 308
XG Art # 309
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